"hello" (10/10/99)


"breakfast" (10/09/99)

pop tarts and self hatred - the best way to start your day!

"work" (10/08/99)

i feel like giving up. everyone suspects me.
if i go radio silent then uhhh you know why

"sick" (10/06/99)

feelin kinda sick - won't be on much tomorrow

"first blood" (10/05/99)

WOW that felt weird, just got my first kill on this trip!

"victory" (10/02/99)

do they just not have logs of crewmates on ships?

"obvious" (10/01/99)

i am the most suspicious impostor of all time
i'm the only other crewmate alive and he's clueless

"why" (9/30/99)

why do i suck at this?

"close call" (9/29/99)

almost got caught killing someone!

"second voyage" (9/28/99)

will keep you updated daily

"first voyage!!!" (4/10/88)

this is so much fun

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